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New Therapy Helps Sweat Out Toxins

Sauna therapy, which dates back to ancient times and is touted in the healing traditions of many of the world’s great cultures, is one of the most relaxing ways that you can improve your health.

It is the only detoxification treatment that has been proven to release fat-stored toxins from the body. Fat tissues and cells are where much of the body’s toxic overload occurs because in order to protect itself, the body encapsulates toxins in fat, quarantining them from other cells and tissues.

Unfortunately, chronic toxin exposure and buildup soon defeats this purpose, enabling the encapsulated toxins to wreak havoc.

by Michael Galitzer, M.D., and Larry Trivieri Jr. for NewsMax. Publised on Thursday, 25 Jun 2015 04:50 PM

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Jennifer Aniston on Summer Skincare, Infrared Saunas and Unscripted Beauty

Jennifer Aniston for the Aveeno Unscripted Beauty campaign, image courtesy AVEENO(R)

From anyone else, the admission that plenty of water and sleep are the best way to attain a glowing complexion tends to elicit an automatic eye roll. But when Jennifer Aniston mentions—without any hint of pretense—that it’s the best beauty secret she has in her arsenal, I find myself nodding along in agreement (never mind that she can’t see me over the phone).

Of course, hydration and rest are just the cornerstones of the actress and Aveeno spokeswoman’s routine, which she rattles off in full during our call. The list, which echoes her easy aesthetic, includes a tightly edited skincare regimen, rotating workout options and a tendency toward moderation.

by Sarah Wu for ForbesLife. Publised on 6.8.2015 @ 7:15AM

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How to Use the Sauna Oxygen Ionizer

Sauna Oxygen Ionizer

We get a lot of questions about the sauna oxygen ionizer and how to use it. The oxygen ionizer main function is to purify the air and kill odor causing bacteria. Inside a sauna, keeping the air fresh is critical because of the heat and perspiration. Without purifying the air inside the sauna after usage, the sauna can get stuffy and smells bad.

The ioinzer (as in the picture below) has two settings; O3 and Ions. O3 generate ozone to kill bacteria and purify the air inside the sauna. Ozone cannot sustain its form in normal envoirment and will break a few seconds after it generates. Ions option will allow the ionizer to capture bacteria and impurities inside the Ionizer.

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Sauna and Diet - Myth vs. Fact

Today we'll debunk the most common myths about sauna and diet. As you might know there is a lot of information scattered over the web about the benefits of saunas and how it help in weight loss. The only problem is most of the information is not accurate or misleading. Read on to find out what's true and what's not.

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Warm Sauna May Help Treat Heart Failure

In a study of 129 people with heart failure, the treatment, called Waon therapy, cut the risk of hospitalization or dying of heart disease by more than half.

The treatment is a lot cooler than a traditional steam sauna that reaches about 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

Under medical supervision, the patient lies on a bench in a 140 degree Fahrenheit, infrared dry sauna for 15 minutes. Infrared saunas use a special heater that generates infrared radiation similar to that produced by the sun.

by Charlene Laino for WebMD. Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD and publised on April 2, 2008

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