Shipping to Canada

We have simplified the order process for our Canadian customers. All you need to do is place the order on our website and you will handle all the paper work and custom clearance documents. Your sauna should arrive in about two weeks after your order. All price on our website are in USD.

Shipping Rate:

$250 to $450 USD (to most locations in Canada - contact us more details).

Sales Tax

We've calculated all the sales taxes and import duties into a percentage rate as the following:

Province Tax Rate Province Tax Rate
Alberta6%British Columbia13%
Manitoba14%New Brunswick14%
Newfoundland and Labrador14%Nova Scotia16%
Ontario14%Prince Edward Island15%

We will ship to the following Canadian provinces:

Do I need an agent or a customs broker?

No, we will work with our agents and cover all the customs' clearness cost and fees.

Need More Help?

Have any questions or need more help? Feel free to call us at 1-877-811-1001 or write to us today.