Authorized Dealers

The companies below are our preferred dealers and they offer great product selection and customer service.

Also Sold At

Our saunas are sold in the following stores through some of our dealers. Make sure to ask for a Crystal Sauna.

Additionally, some spas and wellness centers offer our saunas as a service and list our saunas for sale.

Prices and Options

Our sauna prices are the same through out all our dealers and regardless of where you buy the sauna from you receive the same after sales service. However, some dealers might list the prices with the discounted prices and the limited one-year warranty option. At this time, our saunas listed on and are listed at a discounted price and a limited one-year warranty option. You can get the same price from any of our dealers as well.

Trade & Home Shows

Currently none of our dealers is showing our saunas in a trade or home show. If you find our saunas in a trade show, please contact us.

eBay & Similar Sites

Some of our dealers offer our saunas for sale on eBay, but make sure they are an authorized dealers. Because of the popularity of our brand, some companies copied our saunas without authorization and try to sell them on their websites and eBay. If you are not sure if they are an authorized dealer, please contact us today.

How to Spot Fake Saunas

The easiest way to spot a fake sauna is the price. If the price is too low and the deal is too good to be true, most likely the seller is not an authorized dealer and selling other brands with questionable warranty (or without warranty). We get calls on regular basis from customers who purchased a fake sauna and need help with parts or service because they cannot reach the person they purchased the sauna from.

You can also spot a fake sauna if the product description is not accurate, has false information or the images are from different brands.

Before buying a sauna on auction site or user listing site, make sure it is a genuine Crystal Sauna.