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Not everyone is familiar with infrared saunas and we understand that. That's why we've started the FAQs section to help customers understand what are infrared saunas and how they work. Also, we'll be more than happy to answer any question to our best abilities.

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why don't I sweat at 140degrees for 25 min

this question was asked by sherrie on Dec 14th 2016, 02:48 pm

Answer and Comments

If you are new to infrared sauna, your body needs to adjust to it first. Not being able to sweat could be because of a lot of different reasons. Try the following for a week and see if the anything change.

First, start using the sauna when it's pre-heating. For example, set the sauna to 140, but start using it when it reaches 115-120. When the sauna is pre-heating, all the heaters will be at full capacity and you'll get the most infrared.

Drink plenty of water before, during and after the sauna session.

In the first week, try to take a hot shower before using the sauna, this will help open your pores and let your body sweat.

Use the sauna about 4-5 times the first week, but keeps the sauna sessions short (15-20 minutes).

If you don't see any effect after the first week, please let us know.

This comment was posted by Crystal Sauna Support on Dec 14th 2016, 02:54 pm