Capacity and Dimension in Infrared Saunas

Because infrared saunas sizes usually refers to the number of people who can use the sauna in the same time, it's important to focus on the dimensions itself. The best way to see if the sauna will be comfortable is to take the interior dimensions and mark it on a seat or bench. The exterior dimensions should be used to see if the sauna will fit in the specific area.

Infrared Saunas' Dimension

Sauna Measurment

When talking about dimension, we have to mention how saunas get measured, and why some saunas have a large difference between interior and exterior dimension. Saunas are measured from the widest possible points (crown tip to tip) to make sure the customer have enough space for the sauna. When comparing saunas' size, you should compare the interior dimensions. Exterior dimensions should only be used to see if the sauna will fit in the space you have available.

Infrared Saunas' Capacity

Depending on how many people will use the sauna at the same time, the sauna size will vary. The most common sauna purchased is a 2-person sauna because of it's compact size and will fit 2 people comfertably. When comparing capacity, you'll need to compare the interior dimension as well because a 2-person sauna should be at least 42" inches wide.

Here are the common sizes and the perferred width.

Watch out for

Some websites list their 1-person and 2-person saunas as 2-person and 3-person saunas. Make sure to review the interior dimension when comparing saunas online.

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