Infrared Saunas' Additional Features

The last step is to evaluate the additional features based on your own preferences.


What kind of CD player do you want? Do you want to play MP3 CDs? These are the basic questions regarding your multimedia options. When comparing the type of CD players, you should ask the following:

  • What brand is the CD player?
  • Does the CD player play MP3 CDs or just an Aux-in?
  • Does it include an Aux-in, USB plugs?

Heaters Options

Front Heaters: front heaters are mostly placed in the front wall of the sauna. Saunas with a full glass front will have the front heaters on the lower part of the side walls (toward the front). Customers have reported that their legs don't feel the heat in saunas without front heaters.

Floor Heater: Floor heaters are great for feet therapy and would keep your feet warm during a sauna session.

Other Features

What we use

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