Infrared Saunas' Wood Selection

Most saunas in the market are made out of two types of wood; Hemlock-Fir and Western Red Cedar.


Hemlock-Fir is a solid wood and light in color. This type wood does not have a specific aroma and mostly used in building homes because of it's strength.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is a little lighter in weight and less condense than Hemlock-Fir but it has a richer color and aroma. This type of wood does not rot or attract mildew which make it a good choise for sauna use.

Watch out for

Some sauna vendors will paint Hemlock-Fir to make it look like red cedar or use red cedar pictures for hemlock saunas. Make sure to review the wood type on the description and make sure it's real cedar inside and outside the sauna.

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