Installation Help

Start by opening box C and locate the user manual under the dust cover. You can also find a copy of the user manual at The user manual have complete details on how to install the sauna. Below are comment tips and FAQs about installing the sauna.


  1. Remove the dust cover from the roof panel: The user manual and accessories are located inside the roof panel.
  2. Place the floor panel: The back of the floor panel is marked with an "X". Make sure to position the floor panel accordingly.
  3. Leave some space around the sauna: If you are placing the sauna close to a corner or a wall, make sure to leave some space around the side panels while you are installing the sauna. A person has to stand by the side of the sauna to install the side panels. Once the four panels are installed you can move the sauna to the desired position.
  4. Install the door handle: make sure to install the door handle before you install the front panel. Otherwise it might be harder to open the door after all the panels are installed.
  5. Front panel is the heaviest piece: The front panel is the heaviest piece (because of the glass weight) and requires at least two people to handle it.
  6. If you ordered a 4-Person Family Sauna: Follow the instructions for 1, 2 and 3 Person sauna installation.
  7. Flipping the Panel: If you need to flip a panel, make sure to use the whole bottom side for support. Do not use the corner only (as the image below).
    Rotate Panel
  8. Need more help: For installation help or support, call us at 1-877-811-1001


Q: Where is the back of the sauna?
A: The back of the saunas is market by an "X" on the floor panel. If the "X" mark is missing, the bench groove should be 16" inches for the Basic Series, 19" inches for the Family Series and 22" inches for the Luxury Series from the back of the sauna. Also, if the model contains a floor heater, the floor heater points to the front of the sauna.

Q: Which panel is the back panel?
A: The back panel will have a horizontal guide about 17" off the bottom for the bench. The back panel is in the same box as the front panel.

Q: Which panel is the left panel?
A: The left panel will have a vertical groove for the bench support and 2-4 sockets on the lower right corner.

Q: The lower lock (bracket) does not connect?
A: Make sure the bench support or the bench is not blocking the bottom of the panel. A person can stand inside the sauna to balance the bench and corners of the panels.
If the bench is clear, make sure the panel clears the trim around the floor panel. The trim of the floor panel extends upward for about a half an inch. The edges of the panel could get caught on the edges of the trim.
If the above suggestions are checked and clear, make sure to put level the panel while sliding it down to the locking position.

Clear the Bench Groove Clear the Floor Trim

Q: The panels cannot slide all the way down?
A: Make sure the panel clears the trim around the floor panel (image above). The trim of the floor panel extends upward for about a half an inch. The edges of the panel could get caught on the edges of the trim.
Before sliding the panel down, make the panel is leveled. Slide the panel down evenly. Also, make sure all the locks (top, center and bottom) are connected. You might to put some pressure around the locks position.

Slide the Panel Evenly

Q: There are no labels on the control box (top of the sauna)?
The control box will not have any labels for the plugs. Even though the heaters' plugs might be labeled, they can be plugged in any socket in the control box.