What's Next

It's been a decade since we designed our saunas and it's time to move to the next stage. We are in the process of designing our new models and building the prototypes. Our next generation of saunas will be packed with new features, state of the art technologies and most importantly, designed with our customers in mind.

Why Now

The current product line was designed in 2009 and it's almost a decade old. Our saunas are popular and continue to sell (we tend to run out of stock faster than we can build the saunas). However, we believe the time has come to design new models with new technologies.

Given or vast experience in designing and building saunas, we've taken all suggestions and recommendations from our customers and are implementing them in the new designs.

What about the Current Models

The current sauna models will be discontinued as we are designing and building the new models. Since we need to convert our workshop and factory tools and equipment for the new models, we opted to discontinue the current models and completely focus on the new design.

What about my Sauna

If you already have a Crystal Sauna, nothing will change. The warranty is the same and the after sales service is the same.

Okay, What's New

At this stage, we cannot disclose all the new features and technologies that will be used in the sauna because they are not final. However, the saunas will combine multiple technologies beside infrared to provide the most relaxing and beneficial experience in the market. Also, the new saunas will be able to communicate with most small homes and devices.

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Safety Cirtification
Safety Cirtification