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1-Person Family Infrared Sauna 4.5
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Model Number: FWH100

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Far Infrared Technology
  • 6 Carbon Fiber heaters with a total of 3,456 square inches heating surface area
  • 20.5" inches deep bench
  • 1 Portable ergonomic backrest
  • Premium AM/FM CD player. Plays MP3, WMA and includes a remote control
  • 7 Color therapy lights with a remote control
  • Dual control panel
  • Interior and Exterior Lights
  • Thick tempered glass door
  • Heavy duty door hinges
  • 1-Person Infrared Sauna
  • Indoors or outdoors placement with upgrade.

Every sauna we produce is tested and inspected by our sauna specialist to guarantee to best quality. Also, we are the only sauna brand that offers in-home warranty service (in writing).

Wood Type: Hemlock-Fir

We use knots free grade A Hemlock-Fir tongue and groove panels inside and outside our saunas saunas.

Also available in Red Cedar

37" (32" interior)
41" (32" interior)
75" (68" interior)
360 lbs
Power Requirements:

110-120 Volts, 1250 Watts

20 Amps dedicated circuit is required

15 Amps dedicated circuit is required.

Series Details

Far Infrared Technology

All our saunas come equipped with our commercial grade heaters that have a lifetime expectancy of 100,000 hours.

Feet therapy & Leg Heaters

Flushed floor heaters will keep your feet warm and comfy.

Hot Air Circulation

With our unique heater frame design, hot air does not get trapped between the heaters and the sauna walls. This technology will get the sauna hot faster and reduce the power usage. The heat will not escape through the sauna walls like other infrared saunas.

7 Color Therapy Lights with a Remote Control

Chromotherapy, also called color therapy, is the use of color and light to gently bring about homeostasis. The colored lights will help you relax and release pressure and tension while you are using the sauna.

Premium AM/FM CD Player with USB and Aux-in

Relax to your favorite music with our premium AM/FM CD Player. The CD player is installed inside the sauna for easy access and includes a remote control so you don't have to leave your seat to change the radio station.

Portable Ergonomic Backrest

Wooden Backrest that provides firm, responsive support. Anatomical design maintains the back's natural curve and promotes neutral posture while seated for a long period. Designed with solid Hemlock-Fir or Red Cedar (with no veneer) for shape retention and firm support. Portable backrest that allow you to adjust it to the desired position.

Oxygen Ionizer

Releases ions to purify the air and kill odor causing bacteria. The oxygen ionizer will keep the air in the sauna fresh and clean.

Thick Tempered Glass Door & Windows

Tempered glass (aka safety glass) is four to five times stronger than standard glass and does not break into sharp shards when it fails. It is manufactured through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, making it harder than normal glass.

What Customers are Saying


Needs some tweaking to be a 5 star product.

Well I was waiting to write a review on this bc I wanted to see what else was going to go wrong with the sauna. First let me just say that it does what I bought it to do. I love the look and the smell of the wood. I love the design as fits perfectly in my little studio. But, from the git go I have had to have replacement parts sent. First was the reset button. My sauna would start to heat up and then shut down. I called the company, which I have to say their customer service was very good. They knew exactly what the problem was, which leads me to believe its a manufacturing problem, so why not fix this issue to begin with. Oh lets back up actually first when we were putting it together, the stereo kept sliding out of its little compartment so my husband had to attach some L brackets. Thats an easy fix but still annoying. Also I really feel like they should mark the sides left and right, bottom and top. Instead you have to study the pictures in the instructions to make sure you have the right or left sides. After we get the new reset button and instructions on how to replace this, which was pretty easy, my color lights quit working. So once again I contact customer service. Which once again they send out a replacement part. All the parts are easy to replace which I guess is good for future problems. Nice to know it can be fixed pretty simply. My bench seat flops up when I get up off of it, which they sent L brackets for that as well but I didnt put them on as I felt that would take away from the look, so I just live with it. Its not that annoying to me I guess. The floor is still squeaking which I was hoping would go away after the wood heated up serval times but so far it hasnt happened. Not much you can do about that, and again its not that annoying to me. The only reason I gave it a 3 star is it does what I bought it to do. Period. I looked at other products but I never seen one with this design and I really love the design and the Canadian fir. It smells amazing. They really need to tweak some things tho to make this a 5 star product. I dont really ever write reviews but I believe this is the first on this product, so I felt I should for others that may be interested in purchasing.

Source: Amazon.com. Reviewed by Megan A. on Apr 27th 2017


Enjoying the sauna almost daily

Source: Amazon.com. Reviewed by Amazon Customer on Apr 10th 2017


Good Purchase

Very happy with the purchase, it was fairly easy to assemble and is working as good as promised. Am very pleased with it. Pros: Easy to assemble, good radio system and lighting. easy to operate with no problems Cons: none

Source: Wayfair.com. Reviewed by Charles from GA on Dec 11th 2015

Where do we get these reviews? As a manufacture, we do not take reviews directly from customers unless they really want and send them by email. These reviews were left by customers who purchased our saunas through dealers and left the review on the dealers website. Check the sources for more details.

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