120 Volts, 13"x17" Carbon Fiber Heater

120 Volts, 13"x18" Carbon Fiber Heater
  • 120 Volts, 13"x18" Carbon Fiber Heater
  • Horizontal Layout
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Model Number: SKCFH1201317

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    Far Infrared Technology
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Built in heat reflector
  • Total Power: 80 watts


Our heaters are made out of organic carbon essence, imbedded between two fiber glass sheets and heat sealed (no glue is used). The carbon essence emits far infrared rays when an electrical current go through it (96% emissivity rate) with a wave range of 6 to 14 microns.

This heater connects dirctly into the Sauna Kit Controls and requires 120 volts.
Total power: 80 watts

Heater frame is made out of Hemlock, Popular or Red Cedar. Other wood types available upon request.

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Safety Cirtification
Safety Cirtification