Chromotherapy Lights

Chromotherapy Lights
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Model Number: SKCL1500

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  • Produce 15 colors
  • Flash, Strobe, Fade and Smooth color transitions
  • Three light intensities
  • Soft touch remote control
  • Works on 12 volts and can replace most infrared saunas reading light


Chromo therapy, also called color therapy, is the use of color and light to gently bring about homeostasis. Color and light is applied to specific areas and accupoints on the body.

The lights bulb is 12 volts and can be used to replace most infrared saunas reading light

Chromotherapy Light Color Benefits

Each of the colors of the spectrum is associated with specific healing properties. Thus by using different colors of the spectrum one can trigger changes towards better health and overall wellbeing. It is a known fact that the human body needs light for certain metabolic functions such as absorption of certain vitamins.


Energy. Affects the heart by increasing pulse rate, and the muscles by increasing their tension. Influences vitality, and increases body temperature. Can be used to develop excitement and sensuality. Use for shorter lengths of time.


Calming. Stimulates the parasympathetic system, reduces blood pressure and clams both breathing and heat-rate. It has anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing effect. Can be used to develop personal expression, clear communication, confidence in speaking, mental relaxation, and knowledge.


Balance. Peace, love and harmony. Regulates the pituitary gland, fights depression, bulimia, and other psychosomatic conditions affecting the gastric system. It is useful in calming the nervous system, fights irritability, insomnia and can be used to assist in recovery from nervous breakdowns. Is used for stress reduction.


Pleasure. Associated with resourcefulness, enthusiasm. sociability, happiness, success, sexual stimulation. Can benefit social confidence, joyfulness, enjoyable relationships, expanded interestes and activities. May be useful in easing digestive system discomforts (e.g. flatulence, cramps)


Strengthening. Promotes enlightenment, revelation, peace, cleansing, and spiritual awakening. Holistic healthcare providers use violet to soothe organs, relax muscles, and clam the nervous system. Often used therapeutically to improve immunity, arthritis and relieve headaches.


Cheerfulness. Mental clarity, inspiration, stimulating curiosity and interest. Increases neuromuscular tone. Purifies blood, helps digestion, and has a cleansing effect. Strongly stimulates happiness, brings on a sense of security, as well as a strong feeling of well-being. Used to ease depression, raise self-esteem, empowerment, and confidence.

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