• We do not sell the glass film by itself. The glass film will be installed on the sauna before shipping. If you are interested in the glass film by itself, please go to Decorative Films, LLC
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Price Per Sauna: $270.00
Price includes the film cost and installation
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The glass film will be installed on the sauna before shipping.
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Installation Process:

When you add this item and a sauna to your order, we will install it on all the glass surfaces on your sauna. The process of ordering and installing the glass film takes around 10 days. If you would like special installation or modification, please contact us.

Self Installation

If you want to install the glass film by yourself (to save time or installation cost), you can purchase the glass film directly from Decorative Films, LLC and install it. Please note the installation requires a lot of water and you must protect the wood. Water damage to the sauna is not covered under the warranty.

Glass film is manufactured by
Decorative Films, LLC

Glass film images and descriptions are a © copyright property of Decorative Films, LLC.

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