Indoor or Outdoor Placement

Indoor or Outdoor Placement

Since most customers don't have enough space inside their house for a sauna, we added an outdoor finish options to all our saunas. With this option, we expanded the outdoor selection to all our saunas.

Indoors Placement

This option is the standard finish in our saunas and when the sauna will be placed inside. The exterior of the sauna is finished with a clear coat for a clean clean furniture finish. The sauna cannot be exposed to the elements and the exterior finish is for indoors only.

Outdoors Placement

We have three options depending on where the sauna will go.

Under a Covered Roof

This option is when the sauna will be placed outside, but under a covered roof (e.g. covered patio). The following modifications are done to the sauna.

With this option, the sauna must be protected from water under a roof. The roof must be at least 10" bigger than the sauna from all sides.


If the sauna is not covered, you can purchase a gazebo to cover it. Make sure the gazebo is at least 10" larger than the sauna from each side.

You can purchase a canopy from any vendor if you like a different style or different size.


Q: Will the saunas work in any temperature?

That will depend on the sauna series

Q: Do I need to do anything after I receive the sauna to protect it?

A: The sauna will be finished and ready for outdoor placement when you receive it. However, we include a sealant kit to seal the edges after the sauna installed. Also, regular maintenance is required.

Q: What's the regular maintenance for the sauna?

A: Since the outdoor finish must allow the sauna to breath, it does not last forever. On average, we recommend to inspect the sauna exterior finish once every six month and re-varnish it as needed. We use Spar outdoor varnish in Satin finish.

Q: Are the canopy edges sealed?

A: No, the edges of the canopy are open and there is about an inch to two inches gap. The canopy cover is to pervent direct rain and water from getting to the sauna. Also, the gaps allow the sauna to breath.

Q: What's the Bolting Kit?

A: The Bolting Kit is a set of bolting screws to attach the sauna to the ground. Generally speaking the sauna does not require bolting unless it's close to an edge or if you are expecting very heavy wind. The canopy legs will have screw holes to attach it to the ground.

Q: Can I buy my own canopy or gazebo?

A: Yes, you can order your own canopy or gazebo if you do not like the styles we offer. Just make sure your entire sauna is covered and extends by at least 10" on all sides.

Q: What about the warranty?

A: The outdoor placement sauna warranty is one year on the body and lifetime on electrical parts and heaters. The sauna must be covered from rain or water because water damage is not covered under warranty.

Q: Can I make the changes to the sauna myself?

A: Yes, but the warranty on the body will be void. Since we did not finish the sauna body, we cannot guarantee the finish will be done correctly.